We have been one of the pioneers in Mobile Applications Design and Development.

Pulse has the professional capabilities to create a customized mobile app, or a create a mobile complement website, for iOS, Windows and Android devices. Using a responsive web design technique, we can offer our customers an app that will display their web site content uniformly and correctly on a wide range of devices, platforms and screen sizes.

We can also offer Native mobile apps that have superb connectivity and can work right along with the special features of your phone, like the camera, GPS, or the microphone. This will make a mobile phone even easier to use and give it some very intuitive abilities. Native mobile apps are not limited to downloading the program from the Net, but can be sold directly to the users. We can work together with you to clearly ascertain your app needs and see if either a web app or a native mobile app would be the best choice for your business. After your app requirements are clearly defined, we can design and develop the most effective app for your particular business, keeping the process simple, direct and cost-effective. Our Mobile Application Development team members are specialists with specific skills and are well trained on multiple mobile platforms. All of the mobile solutions developed by Pulse are especially tailored-made for speed, efficiency and portability.

We have been driving technological transformations by exploiting every feature provided by the underlying Hardware and Software Platforms. Mobile Devices are characterized by Native Hardware and Software Platforms, Limited Processing Power coupled with Restricted Storage and Working Memories, Numerous Form Factors supporting variable Screen Resolutions and Orientations, Limited Battery Backup and Power Consumption and unpredictable Network Availability. Despite odds we have been achieving Customer Delight through requisite experience, expertise and infrastructure.

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